Sunday, 15 May 2011

"Hellgirl" or "Saw with swastikas"? Nice.

"Overwhelmingly positive!"

That's what I'm hearing from Cannes at the moment in terms of audience response to THE DEVIL'S ROCK, which had its first screening on Friday evening, and goes in front of another eager crowd of festival-goers later today.

Apparently the Friday screening was so popular that the theatre doors had to be locked with a significant number of disappointed attendees still outside.

It all sounds excellent, but of course you've got to keep your feet on the ground with regard to these things. As Caesar said to Mark Anthony, "Tha ne'er knows when'th mob can turn against you, lad!"

That said, the first official review of the film is also very encouraging. It comes from Alan Jones writing on

Alan coined the two phrases "Hellgirl" and "Saw with swastikas". I don't agree entirely with the latter, but he's generally pretty complimentary to the movie, which puts him firmly in my book of cool.

For those who were expecting to hear me gabbling away about the film on BBC Radio Manchester on Friday morning, humblest apologies. The interview has been moved to 10 am on the Heather Stott Show tomorrow (Monday).

Above, for your delectation, I have another (admittedly small) still from the movie. Matthew Sunderland demonstrates the standard Gestapo interrogation technique at the expense of Craig Hall.

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  1. THE DEVIL'S ROCK looks a terrific film and I can't wait to see it. Paul's work has such a solid presence with a real stamp of authority. His stories are captivating, horrific and downright exciting. Congratulations on the premier!
    Simon Clark