Friday, 13 May 2011

Demons and devilry in the Channel Isles

Sorry about this but there can be no POWER OF THREE today. There are two reasons for this – the blog has been down for 24 hours or so, and though I could still upload the latest installment, it would now interfere with my other main event of the day, which is the world premier of my horror movie, THE DEVIL’S ROCK, which will be screening in Cannes in about one hour’s time.

So you chaps and chapesses will have to wait until next week for POT 25, while this week we concentrate on the new movie. For those who still interested, you can see the brand new trailer for the film here:


Don't be jealous. That’s as much as I’ve seen as well, and as much as I’ll be seeing for the next few days at least, because for various reasons I couldn’t make the fun and frolics down in the south of France. I’m reliably assured I’ll be kept informed of events via up-to-the-minute bulletins, but I'm certainly now wishing I was there.

Anway, a quick recap for those new to this site.

THE DEVIL’S ROCK was first written up here in the north of England some two years ago. The story was initially thrashed out by myself and the director, Paul Campion (one of the best blokes in the business), over bangers and mash in a Wigan hostelry. I then penned the script over the following Christmas, mainly dictating into my hand-recorder while walking the dog through ice, snow and temperatures touching -20. (We artistic types suffer so much for our craft). Those lonely sojourns seem a very long time ago now. I never thought it would happen back then, but the finished product is now here - courtesy of the New Zealand Film Commission and various others - to be seen and judged.

In a nutshell, it concerns an Allied commando raid in May 1944, on the eve of D-Day. The target is a German range-finder post out in the Channel Islands, but the troopers uncover something there that is far more important, and far, far more terrifying …

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