Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Devil's Rock appears to be on a roll

I’ve just returned from the annual Police Federation Conference in Bournemouth to the extraordinarily good news that we have now sold the US rights for The Devil's Rock.

Entertainment One have taken the plunge, and the deal they’ve struck with NZ Film covers not just the United States, but Canada as well.

This adds two new major territories to the three others where we’ve already managed to sell the movie – the UK, New Zealand and the Middle East. Apparently offers were also received during the Cannes Festival for other key territories, though no details can be revealed about those just yet.

There’s a bit more info about this big development HERE, though it's only a snippet.

Obviously these are exciting times. On Monday morning, I was interviewed by the delightful Heather Stott on BBC Radio Manchester. I was a bit nervous, but in the 15 minutes I was allocated – which was a pretty generous slot, given that I was primarily there to promote my own movie – we covered quite a lot of stuff; the background to the film, not to mention my own personal history, (much of it as a copper around Manchester), and so on.

If anyone’s interested, there’s an edited transcript of the interview HERE.

Be quick though. I’m not sure how long that one will stay up.

Pictured above: director of The Devil's Rock, Paul Campion, and one of its stars, Gina Varela. You've seen enough pictures of me, so I'll not bother sticking another one on. Besides, compared to those two handsome devils, I'd probably crack your computer screen.

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