I’ve been writing horror stories and novellas since the early 1990s. I’ve been fortunate in that over 300 have now been published in various magazines and anthologies on both sides of the Atlantic, and even over in Europe and down in Australia. I could post a full bibliography here, but I think that would get a little tedious. However, here are my published collections of stories.


We open with the more recent e-collections as I'm increasingly finding these are more popular with buyers than the print editions, and it goes without saying they're probably a little more affordable. However, if  you're a collector or if you prefer an actual book in your hand or on your shelf, proceed down the column. The older paperbacks and hardbacks are located near the bottom (though some of these, I fear, are now probably unavailable).


The Incident at North Shore
A policewoman is summoned by her secret lover to an illicit tryst in an abandoned theme park. Not cool that it’s the same night a homicidal maniac has escaped from the nearby asylum.

Children Don’t Play Here Anymore
A retired detective can’t give up on his last unsolved case. Who killed the young boy in the quiet stretch of woodland? A final clue reveals a horrible truth.

A series of strangulation murders are apparently committed by someone with non-human qualities. Bernadette suspects the weird stuffed creature in her in-laws’ gloomy old house.

God’s Fist
When a disgraced cop allows the violence of modern life to explode in his mind, an odd experience in a church confessional sends him on a mission to clean things up.

What’s Behind You?
Art students think it’ll be a hoot to walk one-by-one through the supposedly haunted rectory. But it’s unnerving to be told that whatever they hear behind them, they must never look round.
Those They Left Behind
The mother of the last man in England hanged becomes obsessed with the plastic head she sees on the market. When she learns it was part of a hangman’s dummy, she knows she has to have it.

Hag Fold
When a run-down inner city district is terrorised by a sex-killer, a brutal firearms cop is brought in. He knows this area well. He grew up here. It left its mark on him as surely as it did the killer.


The Magic Lantern Show
Drunkards are being strangled to death all over the sooty borough. New police chief Craddock is increasingly baffled by evidence indicating a supernatural assailant.

Shadows In The Rafters
Homeless children are going missing. Craddock finds himself suspicious of a local clergyman, recently returned from missionary work and, if the rumours are true, harbouring a horrible secret.

The Weeping In The Witch Hours
The derelict marshland cathedral has been haunted as long as anyone can remember. But when two vicars are mysteriously killed there, Craddock has no option but to investigate.

The Coils Unseen
Craddock hunts an escaped convict to a dreary stretch of coast, only for the felon to hide himself in the depths of an abandoned prison-ship, the infamous 'Catherine-Maria'. Only a fool would follow him into that accursed place.


The Christmas Toys

Two burglars target an ordinary suburban house one Christmas Eve, only to awaken the dark side of the festive spirit.

Midnight Service
A stranded traveller in a desolate town one snowy Christmas Eve. Where can he find shelter? The former workhouse, of course.

The Faerie
Timid husband Arthur flees his angry wife across the wintry moors, finally seeking sanctuary in a mysterious snowbound house.

The Mummers
Two men plot an elaborate Christmas Eve revenge by summoning a pantomime from Hell.

The Killing Ground
During an atmospheric English Christmas, man and wife security experts are hired to protect a film star's family from the cannibal woman said to haunt their new country estate.


The Old North Road

An embittered writer investigating the myths of the Green Man, picks up a curious couple on the Old North Road in rural Northumbria, but it backfires in terrifying fashion.

The Poppet
A history student scoffs at the grim story of the Cumbrian witches, but then buys a so-called 'poppet' from the village shop set up in their memory. His journey home soon becomes the ultimate nightmare.

Grendel's Lair
Determined to solve the mystery of a missing child, brutal cops are led by a known sex-offender into a network of derelict air raid shelters, unaware of the hideous evil awaiting them there.

Hell In The Cathedral
Holidaying couples take a small boat into the Cathedral, a magnificent sea-cave off the Sicilian coast, only to find themselves menaced by an ancient, oceanic beast.

The Baleful Dead
A past-it metal band get back together to create one last album. But their scheming manager's plan to use sorcery to ensure success comes with an horrific price-tag.


The Blood Month
Newly converted to Christianity, two Viking brothers flee their pagan king to an isolated family outpost in northern Greenland, but find the homestead under siege by a mysterious and merciless power.

A serial sex killer runs riot amid the stews and slums of Elizabethan London. Powerless and frightened, the authorities turn to one of the Queen's top spy-hunters to track him down.

The Gods Of Green And Grey
In the aftermath of Boudicca's rebellion, nervous Roman troops head into the misty fens, looking to build a bridge, but soon fall foul of something far worse than local tribesmen.


Twilight In The Orm-Garth
A Norman family convene to celebrate on their newly conquered English estate, but face hostility from the locals, from their own masters, and from something far more ancient and vicious.

The Amphibians
A Napoleonic era seaman pays a young gunsmith to build him a special weapon with which he can deal with the bizarre creatures that followed him back to Britain from the Sargasso Sea.

For We Are Many
In Roman Britain, a Christian woman faces death unless she can assist her Roman captor in ridding his new Welsh villa of the heathen spirits that seem to infest it.


The Gaff
Dickensian thieves target a penny-gaff in the most chaotic corner of London, unaware that it is protected by forces beyond their comprehension. 

To Walk On Thorny Paths
During the Glorious Revolution, various dignitaries spend Christmas in a snowbound Exmoor mansion, and one by one are slain by a savage and mysterious brute. 

A Plague On Both Your Houses
Victorian big game hunters get together to capture or kill one of London's most bizarre and mythical characters, the elusive Spring-Heeled Jack.

The Destroyers
After capturing Jerusalem, a small band of crusaders crosses the desert, searching for the Garden of Eden, but vengeful Saracen sorcerers have sent a djinn to destroy them.

A 19th century gun-crew accidentally blow open an ancient British barrow, and inside find treasure. They find something else too - the unstoppable horror that guards it.


I'm sorry ... I can't help you if some of these are no longer in print. However, some readers have managed to track titles down via Ebay, Amazon, etc.

ENEMIES AT THE DOOR - Gray Friar Press, 2012

Table of Contents:

When ...
Those They Left Behind
We, Who Live In The Wood
The Faerie
Daddy Was A Space Alien
The Doom
Blessed Katie
Elderly Lady, Lives Alone
The Ditch
The Poppet
Enemies At The Door

ONE MONSTER IS NOT ENOUGH - Gray Friar Press, 2010

Table of Contents:

The Old North Road (International Horror Guild Award winner)
The Tatterfoal
Hag Fold
The Retreat
Kid (British Fantasy Award winner)
Red In Beak And Claw

WALKERS IN THE DARK - Ash-Tree Press, 2010

Table of Contents:

The Formless
Season Of Mist
Fathoms Green And Noisome
Golgotha Way
Walkers In The Dark

GROANING SHADOWS - Gray Friar Press, 2009

Table of Contents:

The Sundered Flesh
We Are The Shadows
Their Bones Picked Clean
The Baleful Dead

(Hardback edition also contains the short story, The Ogre Of The Scraggs)

GHOST REALM - Ash-Tree Press, 2008

Table of Contents:

The Killing Ground

The Gallows In My Garden
Be He Alive, Be He Dead
Tregeagle’s Cove
The Crannog
This Place
Bloody Essex
In The Black And Stinking Fume
The Moon Rising Red

STAINS - Gray Friar Press, 2007

Table of Contents:

The Stain
Grendel’s Lair
The Wayside Woods (Or Johnny Bag Lane)
The Gatehouse
The Thorn Child
Desecration Day
A Christmas Yet To Come
Ape Of God

THE EXTREMIST - Pendragon Press, 2004

Table of Contents:

The Extremist
We Who Fight Monsters
My Day Dying
Ordeals Inc.
The She-Wolf Shimmered

AFTER SHOCKS - Ash-Tree Press, 2001 (British Fantasy Award winner)

Table of Contents:

The Knock At The Cellar Door
The After Shock
Devils Of Lakeland
The Magic Lantern Show
The Wolfman’s House
Eleanor’s Garden
A Night on Dragon Rock
Teresa’s Torment
To The Castle
The Altar
The Hotel On The Borderland
The Punch And Judy Man
The Dandy Dogs
Enemy Ours
The Fimbulwinter