Monday, 23 May 2011

Gina shows a nice face and a scary face

You folks may be interested in a nice little TV interview with Kiwi acrress and star of THE DEVIL'S ROCK, Gina Varela (pictured here cooling off, but still looking hot). The interview comes to us courtesy of New Zealand television, one of whose news crew caught up with the film crew, and Gina in particular, at Cannes during the festival.


For my own part, it's a strange twist of fate that I came to write a New Zealand horror movie when I was born in the UK and still live here. I've sold a few books in the Southern Hemisphere, and have appeared in several Australian anthologies, but I never thought I'd end up working for a film company located down there.

I can trace it back to my very first contact with director Paul Campion (who has dual British/New Zealand citizenship), when he was looking to make a low-budget horror movie set in London. But the way things have developed since then is quite startling.

THE DEVIL'S ROCK is actually the third movie Paul Campion and I have worked on together, and more may now follow as, in the inimmitable style of the Cannes Film Festival, much business was done and more projects plotted, at least a couple of which have already attracted strong interest from the powers-that-be in New Zealand.

I know it's an oft-quoted phrase, but with regard to this particular matter I can only say 'watch this space'.

With regard to THE DEVIL'S ROCK meanwhile, the good news is that we now have a release schedule for Britain, which will be some time in early July. No firm dates as yet (again, 'watch this space'). As to how many cinemas will take the movie, that's a question I can't yet answer, but keep checking back in - it could well be at a cinema near you.

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