Sunday 13 March 2011

Honoured to be 'honourably mentioned'

I feel very flattered to have had eight of my tales selected by the indefatigable Ellen Datlow for inclusion in her ‘Best Horror Stories of 2010' honourable mentions list.

For those unfamiliar with the New York-based Ellen, let me tell you that she’s one of the top genre editors in the world, and is responsible for a number of classic horror anthologies, such as: Little Deaths; Black Thorn, White Rose; Inferno; Dark and Naked City, not to mention numerous volumes of the Year’s Best Horror collections going back decades. As well as those favourite stories of hers from the previous 12 months, which she annually reprints, she also produces an annual ‘honourable mentions’ list, so that those she didn’t reprint don’t fade into obscurity.

So yes … sorry about this, but I’m basically banging my own drum here (again). Those who are already irritated by this, by all means cease reading now. Those who are keen to know which these stories were and where they were first published, along with thumbnail synopses, keep going …

Crow-Raven - first published in One Monster Is Not Enough
A police detective, who is also an occult specialist, investigates a double-murder apparently perpetrated by something less than human.

Fathoms Green and Noisome - first published in Walkers In The Dark
Cryptozoologists look into a supposedly bottomless lake, where a mysterious, indescribable beast has been sighted.

Hag Fold - first published in One Monster Is Not Enough
A roughhouse cop, who operates with extreme brute force, is put on the trail of a savage serial killer.

Red in Beak and Claw - first published in One Monster Is Not Enough
An ex-con attempts to break out of his Witness Protection scheme by hunting for lost treasure which, according to folklore, is guarded by a merciless supernatural creature.

The Coils Unseen - first published in Craddock
Victorian detective Jim Craddock pursues a fugitive to the wreck of a derelict prison ship, which is notorious for being haunted by the ghosts of its former inmates.

The Daftie - first published in Where The Heart Is
A wimpish school-kid makes a big mistake when he takes a ‘cross country’ short cut across a local stretch of abandoned colliery wasteland.

The Doom - first published in The 6th Black Book of Horror
A money-minded vicar is proud of the medieval mural uncovered in his church, even though it is filled disturbing demonic elements.

The Formless - first published in Walkers In The Dark
A student travels to the far north of Scotland to find out how and why his one-time girlfriend died during her vacation, but menacing forces await him.


  1. I am lucky enough to have 5 of the above-mentioned stories in my possession, along-with several other fantastic stories written by you. Now I am waiting for the print version of "Craddock", since Amazon-Kindle books are available only for UK customers.

  2. I''m flattered you're so keen, Riju. A print version will be available shortly.