Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Doctor is in - new 'Who' signing dates

Here’s another quick announcement for all Doctor Who fans.

I’ll be in the Waterstone’s store in my home town of Wigan, on Easter Saturday, April 23rd, from 11am onwards, to sign copies of my new Doctor Who novel, Hunter’s Moon (an original adventure for the 11th Doctor - that's the current one, Matt Smith), and any other ‘Who’ items the shop can get hold of.

My last signing at the Wigan branch of Waterstone’s was in February, and was for my medieval action/horror novel Stronghold, and it went pretty well. It was very gratifying to inscribe a bunch of books and chat to a diverse range of fans and punters. I’m expecting to have to sign a handful more this time, given that Hunter’s Moon won’t be officially available until April 28th, and that this event (roughly) coincides with the launch of the new Doctor Who television series. I’m also told that the staff at the Wigan store may be planning a few Doctor Who-themed events for that day: games and colouring in for the kids – that sort of thing, so it could be quite an occasion.

More information about that as and when I get it. But if anyone can’t make it to Wigan on Easter Saturday and they desperately want to (I just know you’re all out there, checking your calendars and timetables as we speak), I’ll be signing my next Dr Who audio from Big Finish, The Sentinels Of The New Dawn, at Act III, the Doctor Who convention at Latimer Place, Chesham, down in Buckinghamshire on Easter Sunday (April 24th).

We’re following all this up on Easter Tuesday, of course (April 26th) with the horror night at Haigh Hall. So it’s going to be a busy Easter holiday for me. In fact, no holiday at all. But it’s all for the fans, you know …

Pictured is an alternative cover for Sentinels, which I found onlline. I've no idea where it came from - I suspect it's an early prototype (so to speak). This certainly isn't the cover it will be released under in the UK - check my earlier posts for that one, but to use the Doctor's parlance, I think it's rather cool.


  1. Paul,

    Not sure where else to contact you - a couple of things - I'm enjoying One Monster is Not Enough at the moment - some strong, powerful stories in there, all vey well written. Congrats! The other thing - any chance of changing the background colour of your blog. I acn barely stand to read it at the moment as it leaves my eyes burning! Just a thought.

  2. Thanks for your post, Robert. Glad you're enjoying the book. A couple of others have mentioned the red background. Leave that with me for a day or so, while I discuss it with my technical advisor (i.e. my wife, LOL). I'm thinking that I will change it something a little more soothing on the eye.