Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dantean horror in my new Doctor Who

It’s become a fun pastime among authors – at least, among authors of my acquaintance – to follow the progress of their book sales through various internet checking sites.

Of course, it’s not easy to find out how quickly (or slowly) your products are shooting off the high street shelves. But you can at least find out how well they are being shifted via the online stores. Whether this gives you an accurate overall picture is open to debate. I’m not sure what percentage of the book-buying public acquires their reading materials exclusively on line. I can’t believe it’s very huge; at least, not yet. But I found it hard not to get excited when I recently saw some information on Amazon about my forthcoming Doctor Who novel, HUNTER'S MOON.

The book hasn’t even been published yet – in fact, it’s only due to be released in late April, but thanks to pre-orders it’s already positioned 10th in Amazon’s list of Doctor Who products, and 67th in their list of science fiction/ adventure products. Superficially, the latter figure doesn’t sound too breathtaking, but when you consider all the millions of books and CDs and DVDs that Amazon have for sale, I think it’s reasonably impressive. I’m not naturally one of life’s optimists, but I think it might be worth raising a glass or two this coming weekend.

You can find info about HUNTER'S MOON just about anywhere online (I’m pleased to say). But I don’t think any of the plot descriptions I’ve read to date illustrate it better than the above artwork. I don’t know who originated this wonderful image – it’s been on several other blogs with no credits attached (so I’ll happily remove it if the real owner turns up and objects). It has no official connection whatever with HUNTER'S MOON, but to date I’ve seen no other picture that more closely reflects my mind’s eye image of the Dantean planet that is Gorgoror. The Doctor and his chums aren’t going to have much fun when they arrive there, but hopefully the readers will.

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