Thursday, 3 March 2011

Victorian mysteries make it onto Kindle

My Victorian police hero, Major Jim Craddock, has now made it onto Kindle, courtesy of Ghostwriter Publications.

This new collection, CRADDOCK, will feature the first four cases of a Victorian cop who, thanks to his long military service in India, specialises in the eerie, the uncanny and the downright ghoulish.

Though very much in the police procedural vein, these mysterious tales are all steeped in mysticism, horror and the supernatural. Craddock saw many bizarre things during his days on the subcontinent, and, as a hard-nosed detective working amid the teeming slums of Dickensian England, he is still no stranger to the weird and demented. Britain might have been raped by the industrialists, her verdant landscape filthied by the smoke, soot and the outpourings of factories, mills and coal mines, but ghosts and demons still lurk in all her secret places:

Its brutish face was alabaster white and fixed in a frozen scream, the eyes starting from the sockets. Its hands were rigid claws …

The Magic Lantern Show

… even as the black bog closed over his head, his eyes remained fixed on the footpath. And on the indescribable thing that stood there, watching him.

The Weeping In The Witch Hours

… two milky bulbs for eyes observed the major with unblinking intensity. Drool ran from its unnaturally wide mouth, which was filled with broken, jagged teeth.

Shadows In The Rafters

... they caught fleeting glimpses of translucent, tentacle-like protuberances oozing up through the rubble …

The Coils Unseen

Just to whet your whistles a little further, here’s a commercial:

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