Monday, 8 August 2011

To walk among giants (and a few devils)

I have some more anthology news today.

I'm proud to say that I'll shortly be appearing with a number of other authors in FULL FATHOM FORTY, a specially commissioned collection of short stories and poems, edited by David Howe, to be published in celebation of the British Fantasy Society's 40th anniversay (and free to all members).

I'm proud to boast that I've been a member of the BFS since 1994, and in that time I've made some very good friends, and have been introduced to, influenced by and fortunate enough to work with some of the best and most creative horror, sci-fi and fantasy people in the UK, not to mention quite a few Stateside and in Canada as well. (The BFS isn't exclusively a British membership).

The new book will certainly be a collectors' item - not just because it contains FULL CIRCLE, a new story by yours truly, but because it comprises 500 pages of weird and fantastical fiction, much of it original. Check out this impressive list of contributors:

Nina Allan; Suzanne Barbieri; Carl Barker; Mike Barrett; Ramsey Campbell; Jonathan Carroll; Adrian Chamberlin; Simon Clark; Raven Dane; Jan Edwards; Murray Ewing; Paul Finch; Christopher Fowler; Matthew Fryer; Stephen Gallagher; Cate Gardner; R.B. Harkess; Ian Hunter; Wilf Kelleher Jones; Jasper Kent; Joel Lane; Stephen Laws; Mark Lewis; Alison J Littlewood; Steve Lockley; Graham Masterton; Peter Mark May; Geoff Nelder; Kim Newman; Stan Nicholls; Martin Owton; Cas Peace; John Llewellyn Probert; Tina Rath; Steven Savile; Robert Shearman; Jim Steel; Sam Stone; Deborah Walker; Conrad Williams.

Meanwhile THE DEVIL'S ROCK appears to be continuing to capture the interest of horror fandom.

BLOODY-DISGUSTING.COM, in my opinion one of the best and most informative horror websites in the world, calls the film: "A satisfying little movie that’s a perfect rental on one of those boring Sunday nights".

While THE HORROR CLUB is even more lavish in its praise, saying: "There's really nothing about this film that is lacking. The story is great, the atmosphere is tense and creepy, and there's a good amount of blood and gore. Something about creepy movies set in bunkers always seems to work. Nazi bunkers, even better."

Nice, eh?

Anyway here are couple more video-grabs from the movie, featuring Gina Varela managing to look both alluring and devilish, while HERE is a link to a video shot by the movie's director, Paul Campion, when he, Gina and one of the film's other stars, Matt Sunderland, attended the North American premiere in Montreal, as guests, and were taken aback - to say the least - by the size of the audience.

Lots of people now want us to make a sequel. Well, all I can promise at this stage is that we'll talk about it ...

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  1. Congratulations, TOC buddy. I am looking forward to getting my hot little hands on a copy.