Thursday, 18 August 2011

Devils with devils damned - in Guernsey!

"As if Man had not hellish foes enough besides, that day and night for his destruction wait!” - John Milton, Paradise Lost

I have absolutely no reason for making this latest post other than the self-indulgent delight I get from posting yet more stills from THE DEVIL’S ROCK.

Above, when man meets demon. Just think, this could be the fate that awaits a good number of us in the afterlife if we don’t start getting our act together.

Next, another horrible image – the movie’s much talked-about “German deep throat” scene. Not perhaps what many were expecting when they first heard that phrase. I suppose this second pic makes the movie look a little more like Saw With Swastikas, as a rather uncharitable critic once proclaimed it, but we’ve already had that argument. I repeat, this movie is not gore-orgraphy, but there’s no point pretending it isn’t gory. You can’t put on a devil’s banquet without mashing up a few humans in the process.

Below, some of those responsible for this witch's brew. Yours truly, the writer, is centre left. Far right is Paul Campion, the director. Far left is Matt Sunderland, one of the stars of the film, and centre right is Rob Moore, of BBC Guernsey, who interviewed us all on Channel Island TV, and did a damn good job of it too. We are pictured in front of yet another World War II relic on the island – the entrance to an underground complex, this one in St Peter’s Port, wherein Nazi forces nervously awaited an invasion that would never come.

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