Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Butchering a guy in the name of surgery

Here's a picture which might intrigue a few movie fans. It's a on-set photo taken during the filming of the crude military operation that is performed in THE DEVIL’S ROCK.

Those who haven't seen the film yet (and shame on you!) will need know that one of the characters is shot but only wounded, and to save his life another one has to extricate the bullet from his gut with nothing more than a pair of tweezers and, it has to be said, very little good will. A recent poster on film-director Paul Campion's website described this moment as "the best bullet removal scene in the history of bullet removal scenes".

In other news re. THE DEVIL’S ROCK, I'm happy to report that the movie is currently sitting at no. 298 in the IMDB's ranking list (based on the most searches made on that colossal website), which means that, as things stand, we are being searched for more than Brad Pitt's forthcoming zombie epic WORLD WAR Z!

Here's the proof, below:

It's also worth reporting that the British Horror Film Festival are hosting a special screening of THE DEVIL’S ROCK at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square, London on Tuesday 30th August at 9.15pm (tickets are priced £5 and can be booked online HERE). Both director Paul Campion and star of the film, Gina Varela, will be in attendance and will feature in a Q&A session afterwards. I wish I could join them. I was invited, but regretably - very regretably, I assure you - I'm not available on this occasion. But just to prove that I sometimes am, below is a shot of another Q&A which I did earlier in the year, in company with Paul Campion (left) and star of the film, Matt Sunderland (right).

Gina meanwhile has now become something of a celebrity on Wikifeet.com, a free collaborative site dedicated to the assessment of celebrity feet. The scene in the film where a barefoot Gina walks prettily along a nasty streak of blood has apparently got a few people salivating. Well ... it takes all sorts, I suppose. I could include a still taken from this part of the movie if I wanted, just to illustrate the point, but why should I? If the thought of this makes a few more of you want to go out there and rent or buy a copy, then I'd be bonkers to interfere.


  1. OMG, Hi Mr, Paul Finch!!!
    I just LOVE you! You are my new favorite author!
    I am a 20 year old female from America. I just recently read "Stronghold". It's the first book of yours I ever read, but I LOVED LOVED LOVED it! I checked it out from my locale library and read it in only 2 days. I was soo obsessed with it.
    I just love Ranulf, he's my favorite character in the book. I imagined him as being very attractive and handsome... lol.

    I also read that they were gonna make a Stronghold movie! Is that true? I am just dying from excitement and anticipation.

    I hope it turns out AMAZING, just like the book!

    I honestly think Stronghold is my favorite book... EVER.

    It inspired me like no other. I am an aspiring writer and Stronghold inspired me so much. Thankyou.
    The book was so insanely fun to read.
    I will remember that story as long as I live. It's truely a Masterpiece.

    I also loved how Gwendolyn and Ranulf were walking through the forest at the end. I wish it could've gone on forever... I would love to read a Stronghold sequel... and see what would happen between Gwen and Ranulf.

    Sorry, I know you're a horror writer and not a romance novelist, but still it would be cool.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on what I said.

    My email:


    Thanks, bye. :D

  2. Thanks for the very generous comments. Clearly you enjoyed the book, which means I did my job.

    The book has indeed been optioned for movie development, but in this case I'm not down to write the script, so I can't give you an update. Unfortunately many novels are optioned by film companies and nothing ever comes from it, but fingers crossed on this one.

    There may be a sequel novel - I've storylined it and pitched it to the publisher, but we'll have to wait and see what their decision is.

    If you enjoy a romantic element in your fantasy/horror, you might want to consider my short novel, SPARROWHAWK, and my forthcoming full-length novel, DARK NORTH (which, like STRONGHOLD, has a medieval setting) - both have big rommantic subtexts.

    Feel free to keep checking this blog for regular updates on all these projects, and thanks again for your kind words.