Thursday, 21 April 2011

Tales of torment from a tumultuous past

It’s been more of a challenge than I expected, but I’m at last in a position to reveal the name and look of my new ebook trilogy.

This is the first volume of MEDI-EVIL, and it contains three horror/fantasy novellas all set in recognisable periods of Earth’s history (not just the Middle Ages, despite the title).

Those who know my work, will know that I pride myself on recreating moments of history as authentically and atmospherically as I can, but that I rarely dwell on the mundane.

Even if there isn't some supernatural horror for my protagonists to grapple with, you can be sure there's a battle to fight, a city to sack, or a king to cast down from his blood-stained throne. In short - and even if I say so myself - it's nearly always a fun ride.

In this first volume:

The Blood Month

It ripped back its hood with withered claws, and gazed upon him with luminous eyes fixed at different levels in a face divided into two halves: one side the sickly green-black of corrupted flesh; the other a livid, cadaverous white …

When Radnar and Ljot, two Christian Vikings, flee the vengeance of the pagan King of Denmark, they seek refuge with their uncle on his Greenland farmstead. But all is not well here. An ancient power is stirring in the icy vapour, and one by one their kinfolk are dying in unspeakable ways …


Little more than a twisted trunk swathed in tattered bandaging, his face shrivelled and wrinkled like a walnut, he was more a puppet than a real man …

Elizabethan master-spy Robert Urmston is weary of hunting for heretics whose religious beliefs will see them brutally executed. But when a nameless assailant starts ripping his way through the fallen women of Southwark, Urmston is put on the trail of a far deadlier and more elusive prey …

The Gods of Green And Grey

Bellowing frenziedly, she bore down upon the dying man with her full weight, squeezing his flesh until the bones within popped …

Ambitious Roman officer Livius doesn’t fancy the building detail he is given in the fens of eastern Britain. The memories of Boudicca’s bloody revolt still linger in this fog-shrouded region. But something else lurks out here too. Something far more terrible than the wild Britons or the bottomless bog-pools.

The finished book is now in the process of being proofed, and the moment it's up and available for download (which will be imminent), you folks on here will be the first to know. It will be available in this first instance via Kindle and Smashwords - I will post direct links - while for those not yet in synch with electronic literature, we will have a printed version available in about a month’s time.

Also, watch this space for MEDI-EVIL volumes 2 and 3, which will be published very soon.

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