Thursday, 28 April 2011

Next catapult-load of MEDI-EVIL mayhem

The latest edition in my historical horror ebook trilogy, MEDI-EVIL 2, is now available. As with MEDI-EVIL 1, these are not exclusively tales of the Middle Ages, but come from various periods of our history, primarily those eras when terror and turmoil lay close at hand.

Buy it (or check it out) HERE

Medi-Evil 3 will hopefully be out in the next week or so. I must admit, creating these ebooks proved a little more testing than we expected, but it's all still pretty new, I suppose. For those not yet sold on the electonic reading revolution, the plan is still to do print versions of these three collections in the next month or so.

Anyway, here's the slug ...


Three tales of historical mystery interwoven with horror, fantasy and adventure

Twilight In The Orm-Garth

Even as they gazed at it, the abhorrence clutched the bars with hands the size of shovels, each knotted finger surmounted with a dirt-encrusted dagger for a nail. An eye-watering stench poured off it …

When Norman baron Dagobert of Caux assembles his family to celebrate his fiftieth birthday, he faces the double-threat of a Saxon uprising and a Viking incursion. But a far greater menace is posed by the Korred, a blood-soaked monster from the mists of Britain’s pagan past.

The Amphibians

Often, when I was walking, I’d sink as deep as my knees, sometimes my thighs. Once or twice I went clean through … into brine as black and cold as swamp-water, only the luminous eyes of fish to light the chasms beneath.

A gunsmith’s apprentice leads a busy but mundane existence, until he joins forces with a roguish seaman who is being hunted by a murderous foe from the dark, weed-choked waters of the Sargasso Sea, the deadliest and most exotic ocean in the world.

For We Are Many

Another creak followed, another and another – and suddenly it was plainly obvious that they were footfalls. Somebody was moving about up there, padding stealthily. Flavia peered at the plaster ceiling, clutching the candle so hard that it squashed out of shape …

When a Roman officer learns that the new Christian god has power over disembodied spirits, he rescues Flavia, a condemned Christ follower, from the dismemberment block – but only on the condition that she will help him exorcise the violent and mysterious entity that haunts his country manse.

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