Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Ready to 'Rock'! But no 'Power' this week!

Well … THE DEVIL’S ROCK is at last finished!

Yep, all the grading work has now been completed at Peter Jackson’s Park Road post-production facility in Wellington (check out the classic plaque in the entrance hall, pictured above). The 16x9 pan and scan version for DVD release is also done and dusted. The final touches are being made to the EPK deliverables, and some cutting remains on the outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage for all the ‘making of’ items, but then we’re good to go.

One final thing – I’m being interviewed early next week, snippets of said footage to be included ‘somewhere’ on the eventual DVD/Blue-Ray etc. It sounds cool, but unfortunately means that I’m going to need to get my hair cut in the meantime, and all that after I was planning to let it get even shaggier and more unruly for at least another month.

Sadly, there are no official release dates available for THE DEVIL’S ROCK yet, but you chaps will be among the first to know when they’re out.

And now, on a slightly less upbeat note, there will unfortunately be no POWER OF THREE this week. My other life as a professional sports writer has been interfering to some tune over the last few days and will continue to do so at least until the weekend, so there’s simply no option – you folks are going to have to drink this Friday morning’s coffee while staring at a blank computer screen. Sorry about that, but normal service will be resumed next week, I promise.

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