Saturday, 30 April 2011

Get your final dose of MEDI-EVIL mania

Here, at last, is the final piece in the Medi-Evil jigsaw, the third volume, which again contains stories and novellas of historical horror and fantasy (not just medieval, I hasten to add, but drawn from all periods of the past).

The first two volumes appear to be selling reasonably well, but the nice thing about ebooks is that you never run out of stock. Please don’t let that delay you guys getting your orders in though (LOL).

Medi-Evil 3 can be purchased (or checked out) HERE.

It contains, the following five adventures:

The Gaff

It seemed that every bone in his body must be hinged or jointed. One very curious thing about him was the greyish tinge of his skin. And his bland expression. Didn’t he feel anything from his twisting and warping?

When Bobber and Ketch, two vicious Victorian criminals, opt to rob the London ‘gaff’ of the weird Professor Feltencaft, they encounter more horror than they could ever have imagined.

To Walk On Thorny Paths

By the light of a lantern, he examined the victims’ throats, and noted that, though the outer flesh and the oesophagus tissue beneath had been sliced from one side to the other, the wounds were ragged-edged and zigzagging.

On the eve of the ‘Bloodless Revolution’, political rivals are marooned together in a snowbound mansion. Soon they are dying one by one, as a nameless, non-human assailant begins to stalk them.

A Plague On Both Your Houses

Some of his jumps have allegedly been prodigious. Heights of 35ft have supposedly been achieved, and talk that he has a supernatural, if not Satanic, power is finally circulating.

Colonel Thorpe is the deadliest shot in the British Empire. There isn’t an animal alive he hasn’t hunted. But even Thorpe is bemused when a young officer recruits him to track down Victorian London’s infamous leaping madman, ‘Spring-Heeled Jack’.

The Destroyers

… this time he could see it in all its grisly glory: manlike, yes, almost, but with dark and gleaming skin and a face of fantastic malevolence. Crocodile teeth gleamed between lips curved in a manic grin; oriental eyes flashed cruelty beneath a heavy brocade of blue Moorish shadow …

After the destruction of Jerusalem in 1099, a band of crusaders crosses the desert in search of the Garden of Eden. Vengeance-seeking Saracens pursue them, along with something else – an indestructible monstrosity formed from the very elements of the Earth.


It would not be killed, he realised; it could not be killed. It was now more horrible than at any time since he’d first seen it: fragments of flesh still adhered to it; its front was mangled, bashed-in, riddled with broken iron. But still it came on, sword in hand.

When their cannonball tears into a grassy mound, a Napoleonic gun-crew realise they have opened an ancient barrow. A wealth of treasure and artworks await them inside, but so does a mysterious guardian, who will stop at nothing to protect the secret hoard.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the plan is to publish these collections in printed form as well, hopefully sometime in the next couple of months. So those of you who aren’t too keen on the electronic medium, will also be able to indulge yourselves. Watch this space for further developments on that front.


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for releasing these. Just finishing Craddock now and have a business trip I needed some e-reading for!

  2. Thanks for that, Numerii. If you enjoy please let the world know.