Thursday, 7 April 2011

I'm about to get MEDI-EVIL on your ass!

It’s difficult not to be impressed by some of the sales figures being reported from the ebook market – I say ‘some’ of course, because I know that isn’t the story across the board – but I’ve now made the decision to test the water myself.

In the next few weeks I’ll be releasing three volumes of my historical stories and novellas in ebook format (with a possible print-on-demand facility for those who still aren’t so sure about the electronic medium). The series will be called Medi-Evil, though it won’t be set exclusively in the Middle Ages. Over the years I’ve written in and about almost every period of history, so I’ll be including tales from as far apart in the past as the Romans and the Victorians.

As usual, there will be a strong emphasis on fantasy and horror, but those who know me will also know that I pride myself on getting details right and creating an authentic atmosphere. For example, I like my medieval streets to be narrow and crowded, and strewn with festering offal. I like my medieval castles to be dark, smoky and filled with drunken knights and cackling prostitutes. I like my battles to be explosively violent and drenched with blood.

(If you have any doubt about that latter detail, check out the amazing artwork above, which was provided by Bob Covington to accompany my novella of the crusades, The Destroyers, when it was first published in F20 #1 back in 2000).

As I say, I hope these books will be available for purchase within the next couple of weeks. Obviously there is the possibility of delay – ebook is still a relatively new medium for us all. But I’ll keep you posted on progress. So watch this space.


  1. Would these volumes be covering those stories as well which have present-day horrors originating from legacies of the past? Because, in that case almost all the stories in "Ghost Realm", "Walkers In The Dark", the Gray Friar collections and many of the (so far) stand-alone collections would be covered!

  2. Not this time, Riju. This time it will be stories that are exclusively set in history. I have a vast back-catalogue to pick from. So I'm a bit loathe at present to include any stories that have already appeared in published collections. Medi-Evil will contain reprints from various anthologies and magazines where I've been published over the years, and some original material.

  3. I would be eagerly waiting for the volume, rest assured!