Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Terror Tales of London - all set to order!

Well, this is something I've been waiting to announce for quite some time. The latest in my TERROR TALES series, TERROR TALES OF LONDON, is at last available for pre-order, and is due to ship in two to three weeks, and how about that cover from the impossibly talented STEVE UPHAM!!!

Those who've been following the TERROR TALES series, which I've had the pleasure of editing since 2010 for GRAY FRIAR PRESS, will know that we are slowly but surely working our way around the United Kingdom, and may even go beyond these shores at some point, in a quest to present paperback anthologies of combined fact and fiction, most of the latter brand new and original, and all of a most chilling and spookifying nature.

London, the first purely urban district we've focused on, was always going to present its own unique opportunities for the writers participating, and trust me, they have not disappointed. All of them have seized this chance with both hands, and have contributed some amazing horror stories, introducing us to a host of monsters, ghosts, demons and killers - and all in the heart of England's capital.

Perhaps I should stop blabbing now, and let the back-cover blurb and the stellar TOC put you fully in the picture.

The city of London – whose gold-paved streets are lost in choking fog and echo to the trundling of the plague-carts, whose twisting back alleys ring with cries of ‘Murder!’, whose awful Tower is stained with the blood of princes and paupers alike …

The night stalker of Hammersmith
The brutal butchery in Holborn
The depraved spirit of Sydenham
The fallen angel of Dalston
The murder den at Notting Hill
The haunted sewers of Bermondsey
The red-eyed ghoul of Highgate

And many more chilling tales by Adam Nevill, Mark Morris, Christopher Fowler, Nina Allan, Nicholas Royle and other award-winning masters and mistresses of the macabre. 

The Tiger by Nina Allan
London After Midnight
The Soldier by Roger Johnson
Queen Rat
Train, Night by Nicholas Royle
The Horror At Berkeley Square
The Angels Of London by Adam Nevill
Boudicca’s Bane
Capital Growth by Gary Fry
The Black Dog Of Newgate
The Thames – Rosalie Parker
The Other Murderers
The Red Door by Mark Morris
The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
Undesirable Residence by Barbara Roden
Nosferatu In Highgate
The Horror Writer by Jonathan Oliver
Butchery In Bleeding-Heart Yard
Perry In Seraglio by Christopher Fowler
The Monster Of Hammersmith
Someone To Watch Over You by Marie O’Regan
The Black Death Returns
The Outcast Dead by David J. Howe
What Stirs Below?
The Bloody Tower by Anna Taborska

As always, we intersperse alleged true tales of London terror with brand new works of nightmarish fiction in an effort to create as real a sense of time and place as we can. 

For those to whom all this is pretty new, TERROR TALES OF LONDON is the fourth in the series to date. Thus far, we've published TERROR TALES OF THE LAKE DISTRICT, TERROR TALES OF THE COTSWOLDS and TERROR TALES OF EAST ANGLIA, from each one of which stories have been selected for inclusion in Year's Best Horror anthologies ... something we're very proud of, as it shows that the authors we use have totally bought into the horror-folklore ethos of this series, and are absolutely hitting the spot in terms of their writing.

But don't take my word for it. All these titles are still available either from GRAY FRIAR PRESS themselves, or Amazon. Why not check 'em out for yourself?

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