Thursday, 16 May 2013

Setting out to create the perfect murder

There are quite a few cool things to report this week, starting – and I’m particularly happy with this one – with the brand new crime anthology I’m featured in, THE PERFECT MURDER, which is now available for pre-order from Amazon.

Bearing in mind that this all-new e-antho, which will be published on June 10, can be yours completely free of charge, is this an opportunity you can really afford to miss?

Aside from my own novella, HIM!, it also includes brand new thrillers from authors like JACQUI ROSE, LUCA VESTA, MARK SENNEN, LAURENCE O’BRYAN and MICHAEL RUSSELL.  

There are more than likely to be a few chilling nights this summer if you get hold of that one, I’d venture to suggest.

Meanwhile, on the subject of crime and crime writing, here’s a link to a new three-e-book bundle, BEST OF BRITISH CRIME, which STALKERS will feature in next month (to be published on June 20, price £6.99). TOUCH by Mark Sennen and COLD KILL by Neil White are included in the package.

Still on the subject of crime and thrillers, I’ve recently been flattered to be asked to write a guest blog for SHOTS, the excellent crime and thriller ezine, in which I tackle the thorny issue of why I’ve moved the main focus of my writing away from the horror genre.

In truth, I still do pen the occasional horror story - more than the occasional one in fact, but there is no doubt that I’m now concentrating very hard on the thriller genre. However, rather than regurgitate everything I say there right here, why don’t you chaps just toddle along and have a look for yourselves – feel free to follow the LINK

Many thanks to ace crime-blogger AYO ONATADE for honouring me with her invitation, and taking charge of that article.

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