Thursday, 22 September 2011

Familiar faces and a new peril - Hexagora!

I'm rather pleased by the uber-cool trailer for my next Dr Who audio drama from Big Finish, HEXAGORA, which has now been made available. Check it out by following the link.

HEXAGORA, which will be released on November 30th this year, is a four-part adventure for the Fifth Doctor, starring Peter Davison as the venerable Time Lord, Janet Fielding as Tegan, Sarah Sutton as Nyssa, and guest-starring the imcomparable Jacqueline Pearce (of Servalan fame in BLAKE'S SEVEN), as the domineering Zafira.

HEXAGORA was adapted from a storyline called HEX, which was developed by Peter Ling and Hazel Adair and first commissioned by the BBC back in July 1983, though for various reasons it did not progress beyond the basic outline stage. Suffice to say that this modern version, though true to several of the original concepts, is significantly different in many other ways.

One thing I hung onto defiantly was the quasi-romantic subplot, which originally was included to take advantage of Peter Davison being the first youthful looking Dr Who (though of course purists will remember that William Hartnell, who was one of the oldest, also enjoyed a flirtatious adventure in THE AZTECS, way back in 1964). In the modern age, with David Tennant's Doctor an out-and-out romantic hero, and Matt Smith the unwilling gooseberry in the Amy-Rory-Doctor ménage a trois, it probably doesn't seem that big a deal, though it certainly would have been back in the 1980s.

Anyway, if that doesn't ring your bell, not to worry - we've still got lashings of mystery, horror and high concept sci-fi to get you going. It all starts with the Tardis crew following a missing Earthling, possibly an alien abductee, to an uninhabited planet in another galaxy, and there, to their amazement, discovering an exact replica of Tudor London ... and I'm afraid that's as much as your getting at present. Producers aren't too keen on their writers releasing unofficial spoilers shortly before the product is actually released.

Hopefully though, there's enough in our little trailer to get your juices running.

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