Thursday, 8 September 2011

THE DEVIL'S ROCK - in a different sense!

Well, it's not very often that anything I've written gets the rock band treatment, but 2011 is turning into a year of firsts for all kinds of reasons at present, most of them connected with my new movie, THE DEVIL’S ROCK, (pictured above).

Now, indie band, DECORTICA (pictured below), have got in on the act as well. Their latest music video, EROS, incorporates lots of footage from the movie, as you will see if you follow the link. Please do, because these guys are well worth checking out regardless of how feel about horror films.

THE DEVIL’S ROCK, which was released in the UK in April, and made its North American debut at the Fantasia Festival last month, is now only a few days away from release in its native New Zealand. September 22nd is the official date, so that's something for all you Kiwi horror buffs to keep a check on.

Below are a few more pics, these taken last summer when Paul Campion, the movie's director, Matt Sunderland, one of the its stars, and my good self, visited MP4, the German range-finding and observation tower in Guernsey, which provided us with the blueprint for the desolate Channel Islands bunker in which all our devilish goings-on occur.

First up: no, it's not a model - that's me as we approach MP4 along the spectacular coastline.

Left - we arrive outside the gloomy edifice. Below, Matt and I take up position inside the tower's viewing gallery.

It was a bright sunny afternoon, as you can tell, but I wouldn't have liked to visit one of these places in the dead of night. They are isolated and have a distinctly spooky aura.

Thanks to Paul Campion for these photos. More to follow in due course.

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