Sunday, 13 February 2011

Resurrected - some of my earliest chillers

Some of my earliest professionally sold stories will soon be seeing the light of day again, courtesy of the new electronic age.

I’ve recently been chatting with Graeme Hurry, editor of KIMOTA, one of the great horror and fantasy magazines from that golden age of the UK Small Press – the 1980s/90s. Graeme had the reputation for being an indefatigable editor, and the proof of this would seem to be that KIMOTA, or something very similar, will now be returning in Kindle form. I won’t steal Graeme's thunder – almost certainly he’ll be beating the drum for this new publication himself in due course, though I don’t think he’ll mind if I mention that it will contain some reprints from the hard-copy days but also stacks of new, original material.

I’m pleased to announce that three tales of mine, all of which appeared in KIMOTA during that halcyon age, will be included. They are: EUGENE (#6 – 1997), JULY (#7 – 1997), and THE SIMULATOR (#12 – 2000).

EUGENE tells the tale of three bored kids who, late one night, make a courageous foray into the heart of an eerily derelict school. (The picture above is the original artwork by Jamie Egerton, which accompanied this story). JULY concerns a village cricket match, which ends in supernatural horror, while THE SIMULATOR contains both sci-fi and horror elements, and takes place during an ill-fated police anti-drink/drive campaign.

I can’t tell you much more because it’s still early days, but I promise I’ll post more information regarding this project when I get it.

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