Thursday, 17 February 2011

Movies made and some that still may be

Owing to popular demand, I've started a new page - as you'll see above - dedicated to my movie writing of the last decade.

In all cases these are completed scripts, several of them now at third, fourth or even fifth draft stage. With one or two exceptions, all have been optioned at some time or other by film companies, and so have been work-shopped, refined, rehearsed and so on.

I'm a little bit wary of saying too much about those that are currently under option - producers don't generally appreciate it if you give unofficial advance publicity on their forthcoming projects, but a couple, as you'll see, have gone the whole way and actually made it onto celluloid. Links to their dedicated IMDB entries are also included, so you'll have no shortage of info if that's something you're interested in.

Pictured above is an (admittedly poor quality) print of the development artwork that was done for HUNTING GROUND, a horror/thriller I wrote about five years ago, which was under option for most of that time, but sadly is now available for re-option. In addition to the impressive online pre-publicity drive, at least three drafts of that script were written - and it all came to nothing. It just shows what a strange and frustrating experience the movie industry can be. On the other hand, when it all goes to plan, there's no better job in the world than writing screenplays for films. Pictured below is Luke Mably in a tense scene from SPIRIT TRAP, which made it to the big screen in 2005.

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