Thursday, 18 November 2010

Worrying weirdness at Waterstone's

BLACK STATIC magazine, in whose cold, rustling pages my fiction has featured twice, will provide the banner for the Twisted Tales event at Waterstone’s Liverpool One a week tomorrow (November 26th), kicking off at 6pm.

I’ll be there to read a story, along with two other maestros of monstrousness, Simon Kurt Unsworth and the star attraction of the evening, multi-award winning novelist Graham Joyce.

I’m not sure what the other guys have opted for yet, but my last tale to feature in BLACK STATIC – which, in case you’re unaware, is one of the most stylish and sophisticated horror mags on the UK market – was called WE, WHO LIVE IN THE WOOD, and as it would take far too long to read that at an event like this, I’ll be opting for something which didn’t appear in BLACK STATIC but hopefully will spook our listeners nonetheless.

I haven’t named my poison at this moment, but will be trialling various tales on my Dictaphone over the next few days to see which one has the most impact.

If you’re moping around the northwest of England that Friday night, with nothing else to do, pop in and say hello.

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