Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Doctor will be in - at least until Xmas

I received the amazing news this week that my proposed Dr Who novel, HUNTER’S MOON, has been commissioned by BBC Books, and that I’m to start writing it forthwith. I’m not allowed to say anything about the plot at this early stage – and obviously there’s no artwork I can put up yet, but this is a terrifically exciting development for me, and one that will hopefully be another string to my ‘Whovian’ bow.

To be honest, I’ve not yet got used to the idea that I’m now classified as ‘a Dr Who writer’. It sounds nice though, doesn’t it? Kind of rolls off the tongue.

Just to recap, thus far I’ve written two Dr Who audio dramas for Big Finish – LEVIATHAN (pictured), which was adapted from my late father’s 1984 TV script of the same name, and which starred Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant (who were both an absolute joy to work with), and SENTINELS OF THE NEW DAWN, a Companion Chronicle, which will be released next year, starring Caroline John as science ace Liz Shaw. I’m also writing a third audio for Big Finish, though I’m not allowed to reveal too much about that one either; suffice to say that it stars another of the classic Doctors, and someone else I hope to get a chance to meet when we record it down at Ladbroke Grove studios. With that and the new novel, it’s going to be a busy end to the year.

And now a little anecdote – assuming you can forgive me just a tad more self-indulgence. I wrote for several of the Doctors before I ever penned a single Dr Who episode; during the early ‘90s, several horror and science-fiction stories of mine were performed on various spoken-word anthologies by, among others, Colin Baker, Peter Davison and the late, great Jon Pertwee. The last name on that list makes me especially proud these days. Does it mean I’m one of the few ‘Dr Who writers’ working today who wrote for the legendary Third Doctor? I like to think so.

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