Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Sample the terror this Christmas morning

If anyone still hasn’t done their Christmas shopping and they know a loved one who prefers his/her festive treats served up with a real dose of genuine chills, there is every possibility the TERROR TALES series I’ve edited for GRAY FRIAR PRESS in the last few years might well be of interest.

Here’s a quick round-up of the sort of stuff we’re offering. As you’ll see, we’re not just talking run-of-the-mill ghosts and goblins.

Check some of these out ...

In TERROR TALES OF THE LAKE DISTRICT, you’ll find deranged clowns, murderous dolls, maniac innkeepers, dancing fiends, winged monstrosities and invisible horrors pursuing lone travellers along perilous cliff-tops. (Authors include Ramsey Campbell, Adam Nevill, Simon Clark, Reggie Oliver, Carole Johnstone and Peter Crowther). 

In TERROR TALES OF THE COTSWOLDS, you’ll find restless gods, pitchfork murderers, troglodyte cults, hunchbacked revenants, human sacrifices and phantom rapists who aren’t particularly partial which gender they pursue. (Authors include Alison Littlewood, Gary McMahon, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Ramsey Campbell, John Llewellyn Probert and the late Joel Lane). 

In TERROR TALES OF EAST ANGLIA, you’ll find walking dead men, killer gargoyles, immigrant werewolves, scheming witch-finders, shape-shifting eel-folk, and feral dogs with a taste for human meat. (Authors include Reggie Oliver, Roger Johnson, Alison Littlewood, Steve Duffy, Gary Fry and Mark Valentine). 

In TERROR TALES OF LONDON, you’ll find doors to darkness, plague-ridden spectres, fallen angels, unholy rituals, movies that induce madness and formless things in dismal, airless garrets. (Authors include Christopher Fowler, Nicholas Royle, Nina Allan, Adam Nevill, Mark Morris, Barbara Roden and Anna Taborska). 

In TERROR TALES OF THE SEASIDE, you’ll find voracious sea-beasts, cannibal hordes, demons drawn in sand, homicidal kids, detachable faces and rotted, hellish hostels filled with souls of the damned. (Authors include Stephen Laws, Stephen Volk, Sam Stone, Ramsey Campbell, Gary Fry and Simon Kurt Unsworth).


Just in case medieval action-fantasy is your thing rather than contemporary horror, don't forget that my 2012 novel, DARK NORTH - concerning the emotionally torturous quest of King Arthur's most vengeful knight, Sir Lucan, the infamous Black Wolf of the North - will retail in ebook form for only 98p for the entire duration of tomorrow (December 11).


Also, for future reference, keep checking this blog in the days that come between now and Christmas. I'll be posting a festive horror story of mine, MIDNIGHT SERVICE, which made its debut (and its one and only appearance to date) on the HarperCollins thriller website this time last year. Anyone interested who missed it last time, this will be a quick chance to catch it again.

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