Saturday, 13 July 2013

Freebies, give-aways, samples - go get 'em!

Well, it’s another lovely sunny day in July, and there is a tranquil mood over most of the UK, but it’s actually the commencement of quite an important week in my little corner of south Lancashire.

First of all, I’m off to the HARROGATE CRIME-WRITING FESTIVAL on the Thursday, which will be a new experience for me. I’m an old hand at horror and fantasy festivals, but still a relative newbie to the crime and thriller scene, so I’m anticipating this one with a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

Secondly, SACRIFICE – the next in my new series of DS Heckenburg novels – is published on Thursday (July 18), and even though it’s still only Saturday, I’m already detecting a bit of press and publicity activity on this front. I had to field a couple of phone-calls from journalists this last week regarding the new book’s record-breaking pre-orders, which was a nice experience even if I wasn’t really able to answer the main question, which in both cases was: “How did this happen?”

At least I’ve been able to direct all those interested, both journalists and readers alike, to a free sample of SACRIFICE, the first two chapters of which can be accessed online HERE

In another Heck-related development, the audiobooks for both STALKERS and SACRIFICE will also be launched on Thursday, as read by experienced film and TV man, PAUL THORNLEY. Those interested can purchase HERE FOR STALKERS and HERE FOR SACRIFICE, but if you still need to be persuaded, free samples are again available from both books and can be listened to here: STALKERS AUDIO and SACRIFICE AUDIO.

Still on the subject of freebies, a SACRIFICE give-away is being run on GOODREADS from Monday morning until Thursday night. Apparently there are 20 copies to be had, so it’ll be well worth popping in there from Monday onward.

 And now, as they say, for something completely different. The SACRIFICE cover a little further up this column speaks for itself, but you may wonder what purpose is served by those others dotted here and there through the text. Well … these are a bit of an appetite whetter.

I’m pleased to say that the DON’T READ ALONE series is a new venture I’ll be starting in the very near future, and, (if you hadn’t already guessed), these are the covers for the first three volumes: GHOSTS, KILLERS and MONSTERS (thanks again to the indefatigable STEVE UPHAM for his incredible artistic efforts here, and to STEVE LOCKLEY for his editing and proof-reading skills).

Basically they are a series of ebook collections, about 50 to 60 thousand words each, comprising the best of my extensive back-catalogue of horror and thriller stories and novellas (in many cases reviewed, tightened up, improved, etc). I'll try to bring these books out at a rate of six a year, if possible, and will also from time to time be including new material in them, though that won’t be happening with every volume.

Anyway, the series isn’t quite ready to launch yet but it won’t be long. So keep checking in for availability details, tables of contents, and so forth.

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