Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Where Detective Heckenburg came from

A few more thoughts this week regarding my new cop novel, STALKERS. In these interviews - exclusively recorded at Harper Towers in Hammersmith - I discuss the basic idea behind the novel, which I'm very pleased to say has been selling exceptionally well, and which online reviewers have thus far described in terms ranging from "disturbing" and "horrible" to "gripping," "thrilling and "highly entertaining".

I also talk about the main character, Detective Sergeant Mark 'Heck' Heckenburg - where he came from and where he might be going next (because as I explain right here, he's got a lot of ground to cover, and an awful lot of very nasty people to put behind bars).


  1. just finished it, great character you want him to win, live the fact he isn't your flawed ex alici grizzled cop , in my mind I see the character from the first ashes to ashes series playing him

    brilliant " first" neck novel right up there but better in more ways than I even think of than, Lee childs reaper

    more power to your writing elbow ,

    wonder if the corridors of power where corrupted as well

  2. Thanks very much, Malcolm. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

    It's funny, but the subject of 'who would I like to play Heck in a TV or film adaptation' has come up several times now. My personal favourite would be Damien Molony, who was Hal in BEING HUMAN, but unfortunately I have no say on the matter.

    You may be interested to know, that a possible TV version is under discussions at the present time. I'll report any developments on this blog.

  3. Hi Paul,
    Just wondered why the editions of American words in the story?

  4. Hi Stephanie ... Any chance you can be specific? Not sure which ones you mean.

  5. Hi Paul, sorry for late reply! When you write things like sidewalk in Stalkers and perp in sacrifice. Is it just for the benefit of American readers?
    I really enjoyed the first one and I'm really enjoying this one (which I preordered)
    Thanks :)