Monday, 16 April 2012

More terrible truths and fearsome fictions

Well ... TERROR TALES OF THE COTSWOLDS is safely shipping, and I can actually say that with a genuine tone of conviction this time because, as this picture - posted on Facebook today by friend and fellow author STEPHEN BACON - will prove, the pre-orders are finally arriving in letter-boxes.

Secure in this knowledge, I can now start to talk excitedly about the next volume in the TERROR TALES series. Of course, somewhat ill-advisedly, I've already given away in earlier posts (and on other message boards) the title of the next book in the line, but I'm not going to repeat that error here - because I feel it's necessary to build up an atmosphere of eager anticipation.

So here are the first of a few clues, all relating to the anecdotal section of the next book (i.e. the 'true' tales of terror). Have a look at the trio of images below, and see if they reveal anything telling about the region of the UK we'll be focussing on - yet another one famed for its magnificent scenery and ancient monuments, as well as its intriguing folklore and twisted, blood-stained past.

A crumblng old manor house, the grotesque exterior of which only hints at the malignancy within.

A man and his demons - imaginary foes (or otherwise!), for which the innocent would suffer mightily.

A mysterious, glowing figure photographed on a lonely staircase - shaken witnesses say this spectral form doesn't look half as alluring up close.

To be honest, anyone who knows their spooky tales of old Britain should be able to join these dots, so there are no prizes for guessing the location correctly. I'll name the next anthology in a week or so, but suffice to say at present that I now have most of the stories in, and that they'll sit very comfortably alongside these genuine incidents of the bizarre and fearsome, and will make excellent additons to the ever expanding compendium of British macabre fiction.

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