Thursday 15 March 2012

The damnation game: writing horror films

Folk keep on asking me where we're at with the sequel to THE DEVIL’S ROCK.

Well, unfortunately I can't satisfy those of you who are already looking for a release date, flattering though it is to be asked such a question. But check out the image on the left.

Yep, it's the cover page of the official outline document, and we're still making revisions to it. That's where we are at present. I guess it shows what a drawn-out process the movie development phase can be, but I promise everyone it's not because we're draggng our heels. Nailing the storyline is vitally important if you want a quick, clean script-writing experience. There is nothing worse than actually going into the dialogue when you still aren't sure where the story is leading - trust me, I've done it (those damn characters start talking for themselves - imagine that; it's bad enough when actors have opinions).

It also does no harm to get your plot down on paper, and then give it a few days to let it mature. It's never an immediate process. It may be different for every writer, but for me new thoughts and ideas always suggest themselves later on, when I've had time to ponder. It's certainly not frustrating - that bit only comes later, when you're waiting for your producer to tell you all the funding is in place.

Anyway, just to reassure ourselves that it's all worthwhile in the end, here are a few shots to remind us of the joys ahead once we move from preproduction to production ...

First up, above is an on-set still of actor Jonathan King getting the full-on treatment from the Weta Workshop boys, as they show the world how gruesome a thing it would be to blow someone's brains out from point-blank range. Just don't ask me how they know that.

Left, director and co-writer Paul Campion recently flew around the world to attend the Yubari Film Festival in Japan, and found that THE DEVIL’S ROCK had got there before he had. Very shortly after arriving, he took this shot of a US import on sale in a Japanese supermarket. In some ways that's quite gatifying, but in others you think: "Hang about - did I really need to catch a 10-hour flight in order to promote this puppy?"

And on the subject of imports and exports, right is the rather impressive cover for the German DVD release.

These are the best momnents, if I'm honest - it shows that your work is really getting out to a global audience.

It's also nice that the movie has sold in Japan and Germany.

THE DEVIL’S ROCK does have a World War Two background, but at the end of the day it's just a bit of fun - an occult horror romp, which happens to be set in a tumultuous period that is now very much part of our shared but distant history.

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