Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Devils, witches and festive ghost stories

I have a bit more good news to report on THE DEVIL’S ROCK.

In a week when I officiallly commenced work on the sequel to our wartime horror movie of last summer, the original, which is still out there and still kicking, has sold to new territories in the form of Germany and Switzerland.

Slowly but surely we are conquering.

Fans might also be interested to see some of the new artwork for the movie. Both above and below you see the two different cover designs, both of which will be utilised for the release of THE DEVIL’S ROCK on Blu-Ray in New Zealand. It's also been announced that the movie will screen at the Yubari Fantastic Film Festival in Japan in February next year, with director Paul Campion in attendance.

Even now, with the movie half a year old and travelling the globe in a way that I can only dream I could, there is a strange feeling of unreality - as if it's something I imagined rather than something that actually happened. As I mentioned before, the first development meeting for the as-yet-untitled sequel was held in The Hospital Club in London last week, and even though we started thrashing out the storyline and, during the course of our chat, received phone-calls from different actors to confirm their desire to participate, it still seemed like we were having a bit of fun rather than actually working. That atmosphere doesn't prevail all the way through the process of course - making movies is very far from being a doddle - but it's a still a unique and at times delightful way to earn a living.

On a different note, readers who've been following the development of new TERROR TALES line, may be interested in a brand new novel from the writer Antonia James, who has a story in our next volume (due out next Easter).
THE THUNDERSTONE is a fascinating 'regional horror' set in the Lancashire heartland surrounding notorious Pendle Hill. It's aimed at the older teen market, but is a compelling tale of witchcraft and romance, and is written with a real eye for that bleak and mysterious district. Well worth checking out, though I'm sure you'll be able to judge that for yourselves from the amazing cover.

Again on a different note, it's getting increasingly difficult to ignore the time of year. With flurries of snow outside and holly and ivy adorning most front doors, I thought I might celebrate the season by posting a couple of my older Christmas ghost stories here on the blog in the next couple of weeks. I'm not sure exactly which section they'll appear in, but watch this space for more details.

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