Friday, 1 July 2011

First teaser clip for THE DEVIL'S ROCK

Movie fans may be interested to know that a teaser clip from THE DEVIL’S ROCK has now been posted on YouTube. It's got basically everything you'd expect from a quality occult thriller - including lots of blood, lots of demonic mysticism and lots of candles that burn with evil, smoky flames.

Those interested, can watch the clip HERE.

I think it captures the atmosphere of the film rather nicely.

In another new development, I can now reveal the cinemas that will be screening the movie when it goes on release in the UK on July 8th. They are, as you’ll notice, exclusively part of the Apollo chain:

Apollo Altrincham
Apollo Burnley
Apollo Barrow
Apollo Redditch
Apollo Stroud
Apollo Torbay

Anyone who isn’t within striking range of one of those oh-so-lucky picture houses needn’t worry too much. The movie goes to VOD that same day, and will be available on DVD, under that rather cool cover that I referenced a couple of days ago, on July 11th.

To get a cinematic release is a huge boost for any new movie, even it doesn’t involve every theatre in the UK. It grabs press attention and can be a massive driver of the publicity machine, so though it’s a cheaper and more common route for many horror movies these days to go straight to DVD, I’m totally chuffed that we’re going to get some big screen exposure.

Believe it or not, I haven’t actually seen the finished movie yet. Cathy and I will be attending the special ‘Cast and Crew Screening’ in Soho, London, in the middle of next week, but the press screenings come a little earlier I think, so it looks as though plenty of people will have got to see THE DEVIL’S ROCK before its writer – but Hell, that doesn’t bother me. It all adds to the excitement.

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