Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Book signing date at Wigan Waterstone's

I had a bit of interesting news this week. I’ve been invited to hold a book-signing at Waterstone’s in my home town, Wigan, on Saturday February 26th. This date is now firm, though obviously if there are any changes to the plan I’ll post them on here.

I’ll be in the store (6, The Grand Arcade, Wigan, WN1 1BH) from one o’clock in the afternoon, and will only go home when everyone gets bored. The titles we’ll definitely have on site include my novel STRONGHOLD (pictured) and my short novel, SPARROWHAWK. More titles may be added as we approach said date, but just as a brief reminder …

STRONGHOLD is the blood-soaked medieval tale of a knightly band despatched into Wales to suppress a local uprising, and then finding themselves besieged in one of their own castles after the druids raise an army of avenging dead men.

It’s thus far gleaned positive reviews and has already been optioned for movie development.

SPARROWHAWK is another historical horror story, but of a slightly different flavour. It follows the fortunes of John Sparrowhawk, an embittered veteran of the Afghan War, who, in 1843, is released from the debtor’s prison by the beautiful and mysterious Miss Evangeline, and charged with watching a London house during one of the coldest winters on record; it seems simple enough, but he is soon being toyed with by an unseen but terrifying enemy.

Ironically, pre-Christmas sales of this book were badly hampered by yet another of the coldest winters on record, but those who’ve read it so far seem to like it. No movie deal for this one yet, but I’ve already written the script in optimistic anticipation.

More details on here as and when I get them.


  1. Paul,

    Do you know if the shop would mail-order a signed copy of Sparrowhawk to the US?

  2. I will ask for you, N. But that may take a couple of weeks, as I'm not due to hook up with the shop manager until then. Watch this space.

  3. Paul,

    Thank you, my usual source for UK published books here is saying they can't get it until April!