Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Monsters soon to make it in softback

I've had a few queries about when my most recent collection, ONE MONSTER IS NOT ENOUGH (Gray Friar Press, published last September) will be available in softback. Well, I'm now reliably informed that this will happen in either January or February next year, though of course that will depend on circumstances that are slightly beyond the publisher's control. Either way, it will be happening very soon.

So there you are. Those of you have haven't checked it out so far - GRRRR! - will have no excuse not to do so when we get into 2011.

Just as a brief reminder, ONE MONSTER IS NOT ENOUGH contains eight novellas about terrifying and murderous beasts, including four originals.

And just to get you all excited, here are a few whistle-wetters:

The monstrosity from the ocean abyss.

The horse-thing that haunted the fogbound moor.

The inner city slum where evil became incarnate.

The deformed horror that butchered after it slew.

And others of course. More info - as in exact dates - as soon as I get them.


  1. I have enjoyed "The Old North Road". The turn of the remaining stories are yet to come.

  2. Hopefully, I won't disappoint, Riju.