Tuesday, 21 June 2011

DEVIL'S ROCK roadshow gathering pace

THE DEVIL’S ROCK UK roadshow is gathering breakneck pace.

The movie’s first ever screening in the UK takes place at The Hopsital Club in London tonight. It will be hosted by director Paul Campion, who afterwards will be fielding various questions and answers from an audience of diehard movie fans.

In about a month's time (July 29th, to be specific), Paul Campion, myself and two of the movie's stars, Gina Varela and Matt Sunderland, will attend a very special screening of the film at Cine Guernsey, in - yep, you guessed it - Guernsey, the Channel Island where the movie is set.

Gina plays Helena, a hostage of the Nazis who may, or may not, be a lot more than she seems, while Matt plays Klaus Meyer, an SS officer who will literally stop at nothing to win the war for Germany, though he soon realises that on this occasion even he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

(Matt is pictured above during what can only be described as a tough day at the office).

Meanwhile, anyone who is impatient to know more can possibly collar me at ALT.FICTION this weekend at QUAD in Derby, where I'll be on a couple of panels, hosting a movie-writing workshop, signing some books and hopefully drinking copoious amounts of beer.

For an even more immediate update, some rather nice new reviews of this movie have recently appeared.

The first comes courtesy of HORRORTALK, and the second is a Youtube review from THE HOUSE OF HORROR.

The former includes following quote, which, as the writer, pleased me no end:

A lot of people will instantly think of previous films that have tackled World War Two (DEAD SNOW, HELLBOY, SHOCK WAVES etc) but THE DEVIL'S ROCK bears no resemblance to these previous efforts other than its timeframe. For one thing, we’re not dealing with zombies here. The evil in this film is altogether more encompassing and it creates a dark mood for the entire movie. Even when the evil is not on screen, its presence is there. But also there is an emphasis on dialogue and a rapport between the two lead characters that make it more than just an all-out gorefest ...

Rather nice, I think.

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