Sunday, 23 January 2011

A lair of monsters and murderous beasts

I’m pleased to announce that the soft-back edition of my 2010 collection, ONE MONSTER IS NOT ENOUGH (Gray Friar Press) has now gone to the printers. With luck it should be available in a few weeks.

I’ll post a direct link nearer the time. In the meantime, here’s a link to the current hardback edition, which is still available:

And here's quick recap of the stories it contains:

The Old North Road
A writer traversing the Forest of Lune (pictured) makes a big mistake when he stops to help someone. But there are strange forces in these deep, leafy grottos …
(Winner of the International Horror Guild Award, 2007)

The Tatterfoal
A missing rock star, a lonely house filled with spiteful antagonists, and a mist-shrouded moor where an ancient evil still lingers …

When a man-made abomination rises from the ocean floor and wreaks destruction on Cornwall’s town and villages, special-forces lead the counter-attack …

Hag Fold
A vicious strangler terrorises an inner city slum. Meanwhile, a local boy joins the cops and starts his own reign of terror. At some point, the twain shall meet …

The Retreat
German troops falling back from the fiery ruins of Stalingrad take refuge in a mysterious snowbound cabin, where nothing is quite what it seems …

When a washed-up boxer finds himself locked in a secret and mysterious prison, he is determined to escape. But it isn’t the forces of law that are stacked against him …
(Winner of the British Fantasy Award, 2007)

Red In Beak And Claw
A gangster makes good while engaged in a speculative treasure quest, but in doing so awakens a mythical beast from its blood-sated slumber …

Bizarre clues at the scene of a brutal double-murder lead the investigating detective to suspect a supernatural perpetrator …

(The picture is used courtesy of Alternakive on Flickr).


  1. Paul,

    Just finished this collection, and it was great. Another round of chilling fun. Is there any chance we'll see the UnCrimes folks from Crow-Raven again?

  2. Hi Numerii.

    Thanks very much for the kind comments.

    Yes, there is. In fact, the central character, Nick Brooker has already appeared in four other stories. In rough chronological order (in terms of his career progression, that is), they are: LONG MEG AND HER DAUGHTERS ('Children of Cthulhu', Del Rey, 2002), THEIR BONES PICKED CLEAN ('Groaning Shadows', Gray Friar, 2009) THE HUSKS (The Book Of More Flesh, Eden Studios, 2002), and JUNE (Dead Souls, Morrigan Press, 2009).

    The first three of those stories take place before UnCrime has been formed, with Brooker a conventional police detective, though in each case he gets drawn into mysterious, supernatural investigations. However, now I'm happy that UnCrime has been established, and from this point on I aim to make each of his enquiries an official UnCrime enquiry.

  3. Paul,

    Thanks. I've read "Bones" from Groaning Shadows, but I'll seek out the others.