Tuesday, 22 February 2011

'Sentinels of the New Dawn' set to arrive

If it seems like I’m churning out new Dr Who material at a rate of knots at present, I can’t deny it, and I must admit it feels rather good. My next Dr Who audio for Big Finish, a ‘Companion Chronicle’ called THE SENTINELS OF THE NEW DAWN (pictured), will be available for purchase in April, and can now be pre-ordered via most of the usual sites. I’ve pasted a few links in at the end of this blog.

SENTINELS stars Caroline John, who recreates her iconic character of the early 1970s, Liz Shaw, and Duncan Wisbey, the actor and impressionist.

In a nutshell, not long after leaving UNIT, Liz asks the Doctor – still in his third incarnation – to visit her at Cambridge, where scientists are experimenting with the new time-dilation device. Perhaps inevitably, there is a mistake and the machine hurls them forward into the year 2014, where they meet the charming and hospitable Beauregard family. Of course, things are never what they seem in Dr Who. A dark secret is about to be uncovered, which may have devastating repercussions for many centuries to come …

That’s about as much as I’m allowed to say, though, in keeping with the Pertwee era of ‘Who’ there is action and sci-fi horror aplenty.

Anyone who follows the Big Finish audio series will already have noticed that this adventure is a prequel to my last audio outing, LEVIATHAN. So if you want to know any more about the mysterious Sentinels of the New Dawn, that’s the place to look.

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